Friday, November 13, 2009

Cecilia at 21 months

Some of the things Cecilia has been saying and doing lately...

For a couple months now, Cecilia has been answering some "who" questions with, "People!" Examples: "Who's ready for dinner?" "People!" "Who likes oatmeal?" "People!" "Who loves you?" "People!"

She also points out the obvious... "People standing," when we walked past a few people on the curb at the mall.

She calls toothpaste "brushpaste."

When she holds the tube of diaper rash ointment she says, "Hold rashy cream... Daddy no squeeze!" Apparently he told her not to squeeze the tube!

Also starting a couple months ago, we asked her, "Can Daddy give you nuh-nuh milk?" She said, "No - Daddy nuh-nuhs juice!" which she still thinks is extremely funny.

Cecilia was drawing a picture, and she brought it and showed it to me, saying, Draw - CC!" I asked, "Where is CC's hair in the picture? Are you going to draw your pigtails and hair bows?" She said, "No!" in a laughing voice and went back to her work. When Daddy came into the room, she showed him her drawing, saying, "CC! Head... neck... bum..."

Cecilia says "nonsum" for "want some," as in, "Nonsum pear." If she wants ice in her cup, she will say, "Ice! Ice - in it!" She says "elelator" instead of "elevator." Pomegranate is "pologranate."

Cecilia's most commonly used word: also. "CC snack also!" "CC draw also!"

If I say, "Oh, you are a moody baby today!" in a playful voice, she responds very clearly, "NOT moody baby!!!!!!"

Her favorite game is "Run 'Round Daddy."

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