Monday, November 09, 2009

Daybook for November 9, 2009

Outside my window... today was grey, but no rain. Still pretty warm for November - high 60s this afternoon.

I am thinking... that I really need to print a mail a bunch of LLL fliers to the hospital lactation consultant. We only had one mom at our meeting today. Surely there are more moms out there wanting breastfeeding support!

I am wondering... where we will go for Thanksgiving. We are leaning toward TN because Chris said he'd rather go then than Christmas and then only go one place during the Christmas season, and mostly stay at home.

I am thankful... for pretty fall weather this past weekend!

Learning at home... we have been doing our November circle time songs... lots about turkeys and pilgrims and Indians. Caroline has been teaching herself to read, just reading words here and there on her own.

From the kitchen... nothing too special this week... homemade pizza one night. We will possibly make St. Martin's horseshoe cookies for his feast day on Wednesday. It is traditional in some countries to cook a goose on that day, but we'll stuff a chicken and roast it instead! Geese at Wal-Mart cost $50!!!!!

I am reading... Attached at the Heart - made it through a chapter and a half at the lake!

To live the liturgy... in addition to the horseshoe cookies, we will make paper lanterns tomorrow in preparation for Martinmas (as St. Martin's feast day is sometimes called). I think it will be fun to make a new lantern each year and have a collection with which to decorate the table each year on this day! We will also sing a St. Martin song and possibly act out the story of how Martin cut his cloak in half to share with a cold beggar he met along the road.

I am creating... a seal. The animal kind. Stop laughing. It is made of wool felt. It's a stocking stuffer for Cecilia, and possibly part of a larger plan to make several Noah's ark animals...

Around the house... some laundry folding and putting-away. I raked leaves today while the girls played outside, and then they jumped in them. Caroline did, anyway... Cecilia wasn't so sure. The carpet is in serious need of vacuuming this week - bits of fall leaves get tracked in easily!

I am hearing... static coming through Chris's ham radio, and Chris typing on his computer.

One of my favorite things... warm, comfortable socks!

A few plans for the rest of the week... We had LLL today, and Caroline has Mother's Morning Out on Wednesday. We will do some St. Martin-related stuff on Tuesday and Wednesday. Friday, we may get together with friends to help each other with housework while the kids play (we did this last Friday for the first time, and it worked out very well. Then on Saturday, we get our family photos done for our church directory, and then we have been invited to dinner and the house blessing of some friends! We really need to have our own house blessed sometime, too!

A picture thought I am sharing...
Chicken doesn't mind being held and is easy to catch... so she is the one we'll let out of the coop! We know she can't escape the way the other two might!


Carrie said...

LOVE the photo with the chicken! That is just adorable!

Christine said...

These pics of Caroline with the chicken is so cute! She's a darling!