Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Tip from the Kitchen

This tip comes from my ingenious husband...

Anyone else use all natural peanut butter, the kind with only peants and maybe salt as the ingredients? If you do, you know that all the peanut oil settles at the top of the jar. Whoever is first to open a new jar must first stir it all up, a somewhat time-consuming and messy process. My husband was helping Caroline make her lunch, and he began using a spoon. Then he had the idea of taking the electric mixer and only attaching one beater to it. It fit down into the jar perfectly, and in just a minute he had perfectly uniformly-mixed peanut butter! No more bottom-of-the-jar dry, crusty peanut butter for us!

This is the same guy who, along with one of my brothers, used an electric drill on a pepper mill when my mother asked that they grind up a quarter cup of pepper. This works well, but I'd advise aganst doing it in front of the owner of the pepper mill!
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Kelly said...

That IS clever!

Hey, I LOVE the photo you are using in the header - it is so adorable! Your girls are so lovely!