Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My baby plays with toys

Yes, it's amazing... to me, at least. Caroline never really played with baby toys. Not unless I played with them with her, talking to her constantly. I was convinced that baby toys are a marketing gimmick, much in the same way I think most baby products are gimmicks. But apparently, some babies DO play with baby toys, I have discovered. Not that she wouldn't be happy to play with Tupperware lids, pieces of paper, and any other household items... but the toys we had for baby #1 are actually getting some use now!

Cecilia is getting good at lunging forward, stretching to reach items that are out of her reach. She can bend completely at the waist so that she is practically against the floor, but still in a siting position. She'll also flop to her belly this way. although she doesn't like it once she's there, typically!

This toy has many interesting moving parts. Cecilia is always drawn to the little round thing with the red dot in the middle. She touches it with one finger and observes how it moves with great interest. When she's focused on a toy, she won't look up at me when I try to get her attention... she really concentrates. At first I was offended, but then realized it is just her personality, and that she does interact with me when she wants to. But she really seems to enjoy figuring things out. I guess she'll be the engineer in the family!

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