Monday, June 03, 2013

Some Random Notes...

We are wrapping up the school year this week!  Just a few things to complete, and technically two more days of school to report to the state to reach 180 school days.  Then it is time to finalize next year's plans while also enjoying things such as homemade popsicles, trips to pools/lakes and other swimming-related activities, and maybe some cleaning out of last winter's clothing and stuff like that which I never seem to get to during the school year!

I have neglected writing here much lately, and I am trying to catch up with some photos of fun events and outings: a trip to Chattanooga, a visit to the Yellow River Game Ranch in Atlanta, and Caroline's First Holy Communion, just to name a few!  I'd also like to write a bit about how our homeschooling year went and other thoughts on home education...

One reason for not writing as much here over the past year is because I felt like I was writing constantly about the backyard chicken issue... writing our notes for city commission meetings, emails to various commissioners and the planning board, writing up talking points for our Backyard Chickens Facebook Group... I didn't write much about that here, but it was mentally draining.  I have since written a few editorials, one of which was published in our newspaper.... long story short, the city commission voted against backyard chickens in our city by a narrow 5-4 vote.  I still am editing another editorial and considering submitting it as well. 

Between the chicken advocacy and homeschooling, Lucy has been keeping me on my toes in her "toddlerish career," as Caroline so aptly put it.  Just this morning, I have removed her from the dinner table (where she was shaking the saltshaker all over the place), taken a pen away from her (but not before she drew on her clothing with it, for the third day straight), and saved a brand-new nature notebook from her left-handed creativity (at least it was just a pencil on that one).  Who knew a 20 month old could be so busy??  She can open the gates to our fence now and yesterday she actually climbed a little on the chain-link. 

So, I hope to get back to posting here more frequently, because I enjoy writing and also want to preserve the stories and memories of daily life.  Off to finish up some school work now!

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