Sunday, February 05, 2012

Christmas Day 2011

So, better late than never... I will try to catch up on posting some.  It's slow going typing one-handed while holding a sweet sleeping/nursing baby... anyway, here are some photos from Christmas morning.  The girls discovered their new stable...

Caroline got the new baby doll she wanted.  She is afraid to play too much with her favorite baby doll, Ensa, because her eye is loose and she's scared it might fall back inside her head.... ick.

Cecilia got a bunch of the Jesse Bear books.

She also got her own Calico Critter bear family.

The girls gave Daddy a picture for his office.

Lucy got a stuffed giraffe from my college roommate, Aura Lee.

I think she likes it!

Caroline and Cecilia both got horses for the stable.

Lucy got this giraffe from Mommy and Daddy - Caroline has named it Chew-raffe.

Cecilia found these in her stocking!

Later in the day, we drove to Atlanta to celebrate with my parents and brothers.  Here's their tree, along with everybody's stuff piled under/around it.

Opening gifts: my sister-in-law Crystal, brother Tim, mom, brother Stephen, and dad.

Caroline opens some books from Gramma and Grampa.

Lucy wearing the "Baby's First Christmas" onesie I bought for 75 cents last year, on clearance in the first week of January... we found out she was on the way on December 31st!

I made my brother Stephen a memory journal where I wrote down funny memories from when we were kids.

Snacks... yum.  I can't guarantee these were on Christmas Day; they might have been out the next day, but I am pretty sure it was the 25th... I could just check the date stamp, but I guess I'm too lazy.

Lucy on Christmas Day evening, wearing a new outfit from Gramma.

She liked lying on the sunroom floor... she rolled from her back to front twice on this day, here on the floor... and I think she's maybe done it one more time in the month+ since...

Hanging out with Grampa

Uncle Stephen hanging Cecilia upside down

Cecilia and Caroline trained Dutch... jump over their legs!  Notice Caroline is wearing Gramma's Christmas socks, which she brought home... she claims Gramma let her keep them.

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