Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011

Some pretty pictures from Christmas Eve... the girls in their dresses after Mass

They each open one gift on Christmas Eve... it is always something like pajamas, slippers, a bathrobe...

This year they got pajamas.  Notice how Cecilia's fell out of the box... we didn't notice what happened until later when we watched the video... take a look and make sure to focus on Cecilia!  You can actually see it better directly on Youtube.

Here they are in their pajamas, after Cecilia found them...

The horse stable has a tag on it that says "a special delivery from your Great Papa."  We bought it with money he sent and then decided to set it out as a surprise after the girls went to bed.

nativity crafts the girls made

not sure what happened to the kings there...

my late-night Santa's Little Helper

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Lisa said...

What beautiful photos, Erin! I can't believe how big Lucy has gotten already and what a gorgeous little smile she has! :-)

God bless,