Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Feast of St. Anne

Caroline's "nameday" saint, St. Anne, mother of Mary, calls for a special celebration... we celebrated this way last year as well, so I think it is becoming a tradition! St. Anne is typically pictured wearing red and green, and her feast day falls in the summer, so we have watermelon-themed refreshments!

Caroline helped me roll the cookies in frosting to make the green rind. And, while I hate to admit it, fancy all-natural food coloring just kinda stinks. I actually had to add a little of the nasty fake red stuff to make the cookies turn slightly pinkish! Maybe because it was whole wheat flour, thus already brown... regardless, the raw dough looked like raw hamburger meat. Sorry if anyone was trying to eat while reading that just now...

Anyway, they tasted great! I can't find the link and am too lazy to get up and find the paper onto which I printed the recipe, but they had honey in them instead of sugar. We also had our watermelon "smoothies," as the girls call them, which is watermelon lemonade with mint... refreshing in this heat!

Caroline also got a new St. Anne holy card, as usual. Next year, I think she will get a St. Anne medal and a chain to wear it on... shh, don't tell her! ;)

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