Thursday, March 17, 2011

Q is for Queen of All Saints, Quilts, and Quiet!

Q week... apparently I didn't take photos of everything this week, so this will be short for an Alphabet Path post! ;) I feel like I am getting my energy back now that I have hit the second trimester, so maybe I will be better able to keep up, and to have more motivation to do so as well!

Here are our themes for the week, all of which went into the Word Box, as usual.

Our Q poems for the week from An Alphabet of Catholic Saints and God's Alphabet

~Circle Time~

The Mystery Sound Pouch item was a quarter. Caroline shared a quail from a Memory game as well as a quilt, and Cecilia brought a queen fairy.

Songs and Rhymes
The Queen of Hearts
Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat
Little Girl and the Queen
Five Little Ducks (quack, quack, quack)

~Foods for Q Week~



We also had quinoa one evening with dinner... not many Q foods out there! We didn't try quail. ;)

~Letter Formation~

writing P's in cornmeal
Apparently there are no photos of the play-doh letters, punch out the letter, or the cut and paste Q collage!

~Saint for Letter Q: Mary, Queen of Saints~

painted saint

Finished copywork from An Alphabet of Catholic Saints and illustration

~Picture Study: Q is for Queen~

Caroline illustrated this painting of Queen Victoria.

~ABC Virtue of the Week: Quiet~

Again, this is one I drew myself... the kids are supposed to be listening quietly while their mother tells them something. Still reading Caroline a relevant story from this sweet little book full of stories with morals to them to correspond with the virtue coloring pages.

~Activities for Q Week~

Q-tip Dandelions

The project idea came from here. The initial idea was to glue a green pipe cleaner to the paper as a stem. Let me warn you, this is extremely frustrating, with both Elmer's School Glue and Elmer's Clear (the latter of which I think I hate, by the way! ;)... they just would not stick, and the paper was a damp mess. So, I quickly cut some construction paper stems and leaves instead.

Getting the Q-tips to stick to the paper was okay as long as we had glue on the cotton swab tips.

Q-tip Painting

These just ended up as designs... process, not product!

~Cooking Project: Q is for Queen of Hearts Tarts~

We used my favorite pumpkin rollout cookie recipe and then cut the dough into hearts using a cookie cutter. On half of the heart shapes, I cut out the center so that a heart-shaped frame remained.

The girls spooned jam onto the hearts and then we placed a frame on top of each one so that the jam filled up the empty heart-shaped space.


We have finished R and S weeks as well, so hopefully I will get those photos posted sometime in the near future!

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