Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lent Begins

We are using as lot of ideas we have done in the past to mark the season of Lent this year. We will bake pretzels on a few Fridays, will make Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday, will attend Stations of the Cross at our parish each Friday... and we also have some birthdays and solemnities to celebrate in there!

The girls helped me to put together this year's crown of thorns. It will be reusable, unlike the clay one we've done in years past. I think this one also looks more realistic, and it is simpler to boot! I first saw the idea here at Waltzing Matilda, and while I wanted to find a larger wreath for our crown, these small ones were all that was available at the craft store. But, this size fits so much better on our dining room table!

It was easy for Caroline to stick toothpicks into it. Each time the girls perform a good deed or sacrifice, they can pull a thorn out of the crown, so that hopefully all the thorns will be gone by Easter!

Looks pretty realistic, huh? And much less, er, ugly, than last year's crown!

We placed it on a square of purple felt that I had laying around in the craft closet. Perfect!

We made a Lent calendar on a posterboard again, and the girls helped to color parts of it.

We worked on this after Ash Wednesday Mass. Unfortunately, we had to hear "I Can Only Imagine" sung at Mass that day... doesn't that song come on the radio, and don't most hymns not? ;) Tim, if you are reading this, you'll be sad to know that we also recently heard "Companions on the Journey" - blah!

Here's a close-up of our calendar... the girls take turns crossing off each day. We also count the item listed each day.

The girls decorated these bags to collect food for the poor. We have a stash of non-perishable foods needed by a local food pantry:

...and the girls take turns each day at calendar time selecting one item and placing it in a bag. We will drop them off at the box at our church toward the end of Lent.

Here are our Sorrowful Mystery pictures, which we have hanging as visuals for our evening decade of the rosary. We are just doing the Sorrowful Mysteries throughout Lent.

These pennies are used along with the counting of items I mentioned above. An item is listed each day on the calendar, and the girls count it and then put the corresponding number of pennies into a jar. For instance, today they counted dolls. Yesterday, they counted pairs of socks. They will get to put all the money into the collection for the poor at the beginning of the Easter season.

And of course, the Stations of the Cross Box came out! I made a Stations board game this year too, to be played along with using the box. The Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure is also focusing on the stations this year!

What are others doing so far for Lent this year?


Lisa said...

What wonderful Lenten traditions you are giving your children! You never cease to amaze me with your creativity and your faith-filled activities that you do with your girls! :-)

We are doing the "bean" jar that was explained on Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure. It is very similar to your crown of thorns. Every time one of them does a good deed or performs a sacrifice for someone, they get to put a bean in the vase. And on Easter Sunday, all of those beans will turn into jelly beans or some other kind of treat. :-)

What is in your Stations of the Cross box?

God bless,

Erin said...

I love the bean jar idea, too, Lisa! I even thought of doing it along with the crown of thorns but thought that'd be overkill, maybe!

If you click on the link in the post to the Stations of the Cross Box, it will take you to the original post about it. I think in the comments, there are links to where I found the original cards with illustrations of each station and where I got the original idea.