Sunday, September 19, 2010

What's in my Purse?

So, maybe some of you have seen this thing floating around on blogs here and there... you take photos of your purse and then the contents of your purse and then list/describe them in a blog post. I desperately need to clean out my purse... I haven't done that in months! I figured I'd do the "What's in your purse" thing while I'm at it! ;) The fun of it is getting to see a random glimpse of somebody's life that you wouldn't normally see (unless you are an 11 year old girl - at least, I remember it being common at that age for girls to ask each other, "Can I go through your purse?" Was that normal for other girls at age 11, or was my school just full of nosey people? ;).

Now, some of these that I have seen have this nice organized photo of the contents of the purse all lined up in rows. You're just getting to see a pile from me, though:

So, what is in this pile? First, the stuff that is getting thrown away or relocated to a new home:

1. Receipts from Kroger, Family Dollar, Chick-fil-A, Firehouse Subs, and Micheal's (the ones from Michael's have coupons on them, all of which have expired). Also a couple library receipts which list the books I checked out and their due date.
2. Lifetime Warranty from an umbrella. I think I'll just spend $8 on a new one rather than spending $5 in shipping to get a replacement one day...
3. Coupons for Horizon milk, which I don't buy. They were attached to some other purposeful coupons. Also some expired Kroger coupons.
4. Last week's grocery list.
5. Empty snack-size ziplock bag.
6. Empty packages of Sun Crystals sweetener (uh, empty because the little bits of the stuff are all over my phone and the floor now... I think they were opened packages from the beach and/or Nashville trips) and a straw wrapper, looking to be from Starbucks.
7. Savings keyring card from a junky local grocery store.

8. Four Energizer AA batteries... they were getting a little low, so I swapped them out of my camera before going to the concert in Nashville last week.
9. Recipe card from the local health food store for a hummus sandwich.
10. Flier for a local consignment sale.
11. Empty plastic container that had sunflower seeds in it.
12. The checkbook - I used it at the consignment sale.
13. Six little girl hair bands.
14. Nashville street map... just in case I got lost, I guess!
15. Pouch of feminine products... it goes in and out of the purse when needed.
16. A little metal crucifix... it belongs on a necklace, but I am not sure where it came from or where it belongs!
17. Bottle caps: 2 Miller Lite, 2 Guinness, 1 Blue Moon, and 1 from a water bottle. I think these are from when we went to the beach; I save them for crafts.
18. A pen. I don't need to have three of them in my purse.
19. Bottle of teething tablets. Nobody is teething at the moment...

To put back in purse:
20. My phone.
21. Useful coupons from Kroger and for Stonyfield yogurt, Annie's and Cascadian Farms cereal, and Sorrento string cheese.
22. My wallet.
23. Small broken comb - good for doing the girls' hair on the go.
24. Tiny bottle of hand sanitizer.
25. Two tubes of lip gloss (a third is being thrown away because it is empty).
26. Wet Ones antibacterial hand wipes.
27. "Owie Cream" - an ointment for cuts and rashes that I use on the girls.
28. Band-aids. Along the same lines as number 27.
29. Calms Forte for Kids, or "travel tablets." Used on crabby children during long car trips.
30. Two pens - one black, one blue.
31. A Larabar - coconut cream pie flavor.
32. Snack container with O cereal, bunny crackers, and raisins in it.
33. One diaper and a tiny tube of diaper rash ointment - just in case.
34. Empty Wal-Mart bag - also just in case. The spare 2 year old undies are kept in the van. :)
35. A plastic rosary - occasionally Cecilia has held it during Mass. I think we got it at church one day.
36. Retractable tape measure - used to measure pants when shopping for clothes for my tall 5 year old!
37. A coin from Kuwait. My brother is there now (well, Afghanistan at this moment, but supposed to be in Kuwait!), and I think he brought this coin with him when he came back at Christmas time. It can just stay in the bottom of my purse until he's back for good!
38. Two Tonic CDs... the self-titled newest album and their greatest hits album. These go back and forth between my car and my stereo in my house. Also found inside one of the CD cases: my ticket from the Nashville Public Square underground parking deck.
39. My little planner book.
40. Business cards: one for our La Leche League group telling the meeting times and Leader phone numbers, and two for my friend's home business (the one who made my purse, so I can hand one to anyone who says, "Hey, I like your purse!").
41. A bib for Cecilia, in case we eat at a restaurant.

Ahh, this is much better!

If anyone else wants to do this on your own blog, come back here and leave a link to it in the comments!

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Carrie said...

Wow. You've got a lot of stuff in your purse! ha ha. About two years ago I started carrying these tiny wristlets for a purse. It holds a tiny thing that holds my license and check card and cash, my powder compact, keys, chapstick...and that's about it. That's all I have on me. It gets receipts and a pack of gum sometimes. I love it.