Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mary!

Today was the Nativity of Mary, so we celebrated with dinner and dessert! We did basically the same thing as last year.

Here is our blueberry cheesecake - the white of the filling symbolizing Mary's purity, and the blueberries since blue is her traditional color. I used half of the blueberries that the recipe called for ('cause I'm stingy with our home-grown blueberries which we still have in the freezer!) but forgot and used the full amount of the other topping ingredients, so it's a little... goopey on top.

Caroline and Cecilia took turns lighting a candle as we said each of the ten Hail Mary's in one decade of the rosary. Then we sang "Happy Birthday" to Mary and the girls blew out the candles - they think this is so fun, and it brings meaning to children for a feast day with a name using words like "Nativity."

Cecilia enjoys her cheesecake - yum!


Lisa said...

What a nice cake! I like the symbolism with the colors.

We baked one for Our Lady's birthday, too. I will have to post some pictures.

Erin said...

I'd love to see your cake, Lisa!