Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Random Bits

First up, Erin's wonderings:

So, the employees at our local Kroger have been wearing these random buttons with a picture of the sign for I-475 on it. That is the little leg of interstate that bypasses Macon, Georgia. I thought it was so random... so today, I finally asked what it meant. The buttons actually say "strive" on them above the interstate sign. Apparently they mean "Strive for 75%" of something. I didn't quite understand it, so I looked it up, and this is all I found, from a letter to the Atlanta Division Associates:

Our “Strive 475” program focuses on building stronger connections with our customers through creative selling and enthusiastic, friendly and engaged associates.
Okay... I still don't get it. The lady I asked today said something about "mystery shoppers" coming in and rating them at 75% or higher... ??? So, I will remain baffled at the little logo of the Macon bypass that they are wearing on their shirts.


Okay, so I have mentioned before that I use Youtube to listen to music... I have noticed lately that there is some apparent trend among those who watch those vampire-type movies and/or soap operas. They take some song and then put scenes from the movies or soap operas to the music. Usually they have described their video with some goofy explanation like, "This video is from So-and-So's point of view when What's-Her-Name leaves him, and blah blah blah..." I have come across these videos repeatedly, so I suppose it is some strange trend among people who watch these things and have extra time on their hands...


So, we got new garbage cans and recycling cans from the city. They are identical except that the recycling one has a green lid and the garbage one has a yellow lid. They are made so they fit onto the truck and then are lifted up and dumped into the back of the trucks. The lids swings open as they are being tipped. The funny thing is, the garbage and recycling pickup people don't ever, ever close the lids back, yet there was a pamphlet that came with the new cans which included "Care and Usage Information." That's right, one of the listed ways to properly maintain these city government-issued trash cans is to always keep the lids closed except when actually putting in or removing garbage. Guess the city workers and the prison work detail guys didn't get copies of the pamphlet... I wonder why they can't close the lids? I guess I am expecting too much of them...


I am wondering if anyone else thinks that Dodge Chargers look mean? Like they are glaring at me whenever I glance up and see one coming up on me in my rear view mirror...


Why is it that my five year old spills more food on the floor than my two year old at meals?


Wondering how much money we are going to spend this month... car repairs, new laser printer (my birthday present), new car seat for Cecilia since her current one is about to expire, buying supplies for homeschooling, new DSL modem (currently borrowing the neighbor's WiFi, sitting in the front doorway of my house... lame, I know), registration fees for LLL conference whenever that goes online (conference is in October), van needs new tires pretty soon... at least our refrigerator hasn't broken or anything! (knocking on wood right now...)


Why are so many people who are into "natural parenting" extreme liberals? It doesn't make logical sense to me... at all. I could probably write a long post on it, and I have probably wondered it here on my blog before. The question of it ran through my mind again today as I read this excellent article: Racks and Ruin. Yes, that is a pun, I believe... A quote from the article to bait you:
"Eventually sterile sex and sterile bottles became so intertwined that a large portion of the female population lost touch with the entire fleshy understanding of their motherhood."
The liberals who are into natural parenting seem to be trying to reclaim things like breastfeeding, yet still want to separate sex from making babies and from commitment. It just don't work, though! ;)


On to some funnies from the kids:

Cecilia is interested in teeth now that Caroline has lost her first one... she keeps asking, "When I am a bigger girl, can I pop my tooth out?"


Misheard song lyrics by Caroline and Cecilia:
"You say you say you say you walnut" (want it)
"Make up your mind, choose a carrot/choose a ring bearer" (choose and bear it)
"If I gave you all my CDs, do you think that you could keep them" (secrets)
"I want to know where the GPS of life will go" (deeper parts of life will grow)
Ahh, those last two are evidence of the technology generation, yes?


Cecilia has taken to referring to things as "mine" lately, as in "my daddy" and "my house." Yesterday, we were at a local farmer's market. Chris was going to take the girls home while I went on to do the grocery shopping. Cecilia asked, "Is my daddy going to take us home?" When I answered yes, she asked, "To my house?" Like he doesn't live there too and he's not also Caroline's daddy... if she keeps that up, we'll have more of the Wal-Mart cashier situations (where the cashier asked me if my children were sisters and had "the same momma and daddy").

Well, I know there were some other funny things they said or did, but I haven't been doing well with keeping up with typing them here... and this post has been building up for a couple weeks now, so I think I will go ahead and publish it!


Karen said...

Oooh, I would have had a really had being charitable if I was asked if my kids had the same mom and dad. I probably would have been a smart alec and said something like I wasn't sure because I abducted them both, but they were in the same location when I did it.

Striving for 75% sounds like they're just hoping to pass in Kroger. In our public schools a 75 is a D so why would a company strive for a D in customer service? So odd.

I feel you on the older child making the bigger mess at mealtimes. My almost 9 year old has been the messier eater for the past three years. Once her baby sister stopped tossing food on the floor she started creating the crumbiest messes all around her whenever she eats. The kid can make crumbs out of candy!

Carrie said...

I also have a messier old child...what's up with that, aren't they supposed to be the perfectionists?? I cannot believe someone asked you if your kids had the same parents...that is soooo wrong!
I am also baffled by the 475 buttons. I was so excited because I thought you were going to give me an answer! ha ha ha! I have a friend who is one of the managers of the Rome Kroger...maybe I can ask him next time I see him there... (not much contact out of seeing him there if I ever head to Rome for groceries)

sandra said...

the kroger stores around here rate about 10% at most. the stores are awful - dark and dimly lit. the employees are hardly breathing, i think. and the customers, well, they are looking in need of a makeover - that's being kind.