Saturday, July 10, 2010

Random Bits

**Okay, so this has been compiling for several weeks now... time to finish and post it!**

Caroline: I'm pretending to be named CC.
Cecilia: NO!!!
Caroline: Yes, my name is CC.
Cecilia: Mommy... she's... messing up my word!!
Caroline: No I'm not; I'm just pretending to have the same name as you. I'm not pretending tobeyou.
Cecilia: That hurt my feelings!

Cecilia has said things that lead me to believe that she thinks one day she will actually be Caroline when she gets as old as Caroline. She thinks she will have brown hair when she is five, for instance!

Does anyone else have kids who have insanely accurate memories? About the smallest, most random things? When I was putting laundry into the wash and Caroline was helping me to find stained clothes so I could spray them with Oxyclean spray, she had one of these such moments of random detailed memory. I commented, "Wow, those shorts are really filthy!" (They were covered in black something-or-other.) She said, "Yeah, I wore those at the Tonic concert." I said, "Ah, so playing around outside must have gotten them so dirty." "No," she responded, "that's from where I was leaning against the police fence after the concert. The black was rubbing off on my shorts." This was at least two weeks after the concert (I can go that long and longer without washing the girls' clothes... they have lots). She then proceeded to find what Cecilia had worn on that same day so she could see if it was as dirty as her shorts.

Cecilia was outside looking at the chickens. Lorpie, as we call the Australorp hen, bent down to peck at the ground. Cecilia proclaimed, "Lorpie is showing her tail at me! And her bottom!"

Another fun thing Cecilia does lately is apologizing to inanimate objects. She ran into the wall the other day and said, "Sorry, wall."

Cecilia was looking at a photo of Chris and me that is in a frame in the den. She announced, "That's Mommy and Daddy wearing shirts!" As if this is some kind of rare occurrence... ?

Cecilia is doing really well with learning how to use the potty. If I leave her diaperless and pants-free, she does not have accidents. She runs to the potty any time she needs to go. If she is in a diaper, or in panties with shorts, then she doesn't quite recognize the urge to go or something. So she has been running around the house (and the backyard - just in case the neighbors don't already think I'm nuts ;) bare-bottomed. She recently told me not to put a diaper and shorts on her, "because I'm being Emerson Hart." (She has been pretending to be other people/animals a lot lately) So apparently she thinks he runs around his house with no pants, too. I guess in her world, everybody must do this!

I love that my kids think that cream cheese is frosting...

Cecilia cannot say "sunflower." caroline couldn't either at this age... she said, "Sunsow seed butter" for "sunflower seed butter." Cecilia calls them "funslower seeds." I asked her why they were called that and she said, "Because... we have fun!"

Cecilia named a stuffed tiger "Caramel Soap" recently. Okay, whatever... And of course, you know Caroline had to also name another stuffed animal the same thing!

Caroline calls a two-piece swimsuit a "half and half swimsuit." Ha!!!

Cecilia was recalling our trip to the zoo and wondering if we saw tigers when we were at the "Burningham Zoo."

Lately, Cecilia's thing to say to Caroline when she is getting annoyed is, "No thanks; I don't like you!" Of course, this tears Caroline up... she is so serious that she really believes that Cecilia doesn't like her and so then she persists in bothering her, trying to get her to apologize or to say that she does really like her...

Cecilia was eating a ham sandwich and didn't quite bite through it completely. She handed me a loose piece of ham and asked, "Mommy, can you put this back in? I pulled it out... with my mouth!"

Today I was reading the book Gus Was a Friendly Ghost to Caroline. In total seriousness, she asked, "So, why isn't he a friendly ghost any more? It says Gus was a friendly ghost, so he must not be now." I'm blaming the husband's personality on this one...

Caroline lost her first tooth today! She is growing up... the tooth fairy will bring her two quarters, I think. And I saw this really cute idea relating to the patron saint of teeth a while back but haven't made one myself, not thinking she'd lose a tooth this early. The other top tooth is a bit loose as well...

I had lots of fun putting together those last two posts on nursing in public. I have a third which will be featured on the Nursing Freedom website as a guest post sometime soon... I will link to it from my blog when it's up!

We went to Cow Appreciation day at Chick-fil-A with friends on Friday... lots of fun! If you dress like a cow, you get a free meal. So we all wore our spots and cow ears and tails... pictures coming soon! :) I am also planning to do a post sometime about the personalities of the chickens... yes, they each have their own personality, which is the neatest thing about them, I think!


Karen said...

I could comment on so much of what you just wrote. My younger daughter has on many occasions alluded to the fact that she thinks she'll be exactly like her big sis. My girls and I dressed as cows yesterday. We thoroughly enjoyed our free chicken. And the Gus book has me simply excited and wondering where the copy I read as a little girl might be. I'm sure my parents didn't toss it. I LOVED that book when I was little. We had the same hardcover copy of it that you have in that picture. I used to just sit in my room and gaze at the pictures. You have no idea how happy seeing a picture of that book has just made me. Thanks for reminding me of that book.

Anonymous said...

wow!! caroline lost a tooth. can't wait to see that smile.

Anonymous said...

We are always shocked buy memories, especially Brianna's of the most minute detail from years ago that I barely remember, had forgotten about, or didn't remember at all. I don't have as much time with the 5th to do all the cute things they do and say. We did so much of that with the 1st couple kids. We'll put some pics of the fountains and stuff soon as well.