Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Last Week of Advent

During the fourth and final week of Advent, we did a lot more baking... Caroline helped to stir up more peppermint hot cocoa mix!

On the 22nd, we had an earlier dinner and then went out to look at Christmas lights. The girls thought it was fun to go out in the van in their pajamas! We saw lots of lights, but Cecilia wasn't too impressed after a while, I guess because driving around in the dark is pretty unfamiliar to her!

Caroline enjoyed it the whole time!

Making homemade marshmallows in the stand mixer... they were really not all that difficult to make and turned out nice and fluffy!

They cool and set in baking dishes, and then you cut them apart with kitchen scissors and dust them lightly in a powdered sugar and cornstarch mixture.

Look Around the Stable after the fourth week of Advent: this was on Christmas Eve, after we had added the manger and the star, as well as the sandals, swaddling cloth, olive oil, Joseph, and Mary.

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