Sunday, December 06, 2009

Kid Quotes


Caroline: "Cecilia, you weren't even born when Mommy was a kid... God was still making you. He was still putting on your feet and toes. And He was filling Mommy's tummy with water."

Cecilia: "Put holy water in Mommy tum-tum!"


Cecilia the Engineer:

Caroline: "Mommy, what's this?" (pointing to the post at the center of the food processor after both the girls had helped me use it to shred a big block of cheese)

Cecilia: (before I had a chance to answer) "The spinner."

Observant child, that one. You can't even see it spinning when the bowl part is attached... but logically and mechanically, it must.


Kris said...

Observant child?? BRILLIANT child!!! Must be that great teacher she has....... :)

Erin said...

Well, it sure wasn't me who taught her that, ha ha... must be the technical genes from my husband, as well as the genes on my side of the family that my dad and brothers have but I missed out on!

Kris said...

A couple of my boys inherited the math and spacial relations "gene" from my husband...!