Monday, September 21, 2009

Daybook for September 21, 2009

Outside my window... it has been raining a lot here. We got three inches in just an hour last night! But we're faring much better than Atlantans... my parents had a foot of water in their basement! So, the temps are autumn-esque, but the humidity hides that!

I am thinking... about organizing a Christmas list and deciding what to get for the girls. A bit early, maybe...

I am thankful... that the rain was intermittent enough for us to enjoy our apple orchard trip on Saturday! It sprinkled on us here and there while we were there, but nothing compared to the pouring rain that we outran (outdrove, rather) on the way there! Unfortunately, I forgot my memory card... I do that frequently - and so I won't be posting pictures, although a friend who was there took a few of the girls, so maybe I will get those at some point.

Learning at home... We've been singing "Joyful,Joyful, We Adore Thee" as our circle time hymn this month, and Caroline seems to have it down pretty well already. It's kind of a long hymn! Cecilia is having fun participating in circle time lately... she seems to take pride in the fact that she knows what's going on. She announced, "Apples here!" when she knew it was time for the finger play that begins with those words.

From the kitchen... apple bread - yummy! We grated up two of the Honeycrisp apples that we got from the Ellijay orchard. Later this week, we will be baking a bunch of baked goods to sell at a local farmer's market as a La Leche League fundraiser.

I am reading... Attached at the Heart - slowly but surely. I took it to the doctor's office with me this morning and, wouldn't you know it, my wait was only a few minutes? That always happens when I don't have any kids with me and have a book handy! The book is quite good so far. I am also reading my own literature... little books about horses that I wrote when I was about eleven years old. I found them in the guest room closet.

To live the liturgy... We tried a Korean dish yesterday, on the memorial of the Korean martyrs. I have never had Korean food before, and this was YUMMY!!! It was pork tenderloin cooked in a Korean BBQ sauce and then wrapped up with rice and green bell peppers in romaine lettuce leaves. I also made a spicy dipping sauce which Cecilia loved... she likes spicy stuff. Caroline and Chris opted to pass on the sauce, although Chris drank a spoonful of it later in the evening on a dare! ;)

Also, I got my saint stickers in the mail and once I find magnets of the correct size, I can make saint magnets for our magnetic calendar.

I am creating... not much right now. A Christmas gift list...

Around the house... baking bread, laundry, and folding diapers. Caroline is really good at folding the cloth wipes and is quite helpful with that! And I wish I could just finish up that guest room organizing that I have been doing for over a month... ugh. I really want to organize all the closets over the next year, but trying to sort through stuff with both kids is near impossible - they want to play with all the stuff that I am trying to put into the "donate" and "trash" piles. I could do it after they are in bed, but I'm too lazy and just want to read and blog and such at that time... which leaves the weekends, when they are not too busy. Once I get rid of a lot of junk, maybe the organizing won't be such a task in the future.

I am hearing... Chris talking on his ham radio ("hamical radio," as Caroline calls it!), and somebody else not coming in well at all.

One of my favorite things... listening to Cecilia saying new phrases and making new connections. She said, "Wipe milk off tray," on Saturday morning after spilling some milk from her cereal bowl. Lately she is obsessed with people being "nooney" (which means "naked" - which is how one of my younger brothers said it as a toddler, and it stuck)... although she thinks if somebody just has his shirt off, he is "nooney!" When we were at the beach, she would point at women in bikinis and say, "Nooney!" which we thought was pretty funny. Lessons on modesty from a one year old! She will also say, "Bum-bum (grampa) nooney beach!" because he didn't wear his shirt while at the beach. Lately, she points to the crucifix and says, "Jesus nooney cross!"

And one of her favorite words... "bum." She points to her bottom and says, "Eyenie ("hiney")... bum." In fact, she saw the following illustration in a Babar book and immediately pointed at the elephants' backbones and said, "Bum. Bum." Ha, I guess that is what it looks like!

She's also interested in other body parts, like eyes and mouth and such, but "bum" is the funniest!

A few plans for the rest of the week... nothing! Just MMO on Wednesday for Caroline, and baking on Friday. The farmer's market is on Saturday. Oh, and Chris is picking up our new mattress on Thursday!!!

A picture thought I am sharing...

Cecilia does the "dinosaur walk" - quite entertaining in person!

Have a great week, everyone!!


Carrie said...

Oh, I love this idea! FUN!
Can I steal it?

Erin said...

Which idea is that? Daring your husband to eat a spoonful of super-spicy sauce? Or walking like a dinosaur?

Carrie said...

ha ha! That "daybook" idea where you list all the updates...
I might try the elephant walk too!

Erin said...

Oh, yeah, you can definitely steal the idea. I did! I sure didn't come up w/ it myself... there are various formats out there on people's blogs that I have seen.