Sunday, July 19, 2009

Look who's talking too

I posted before on all the cute ways Caroline used to say certain words and have been meaning to write down some of Cecilia's pronunciations as well, before I forget them all. I didn't write down Caroline's while she was saying them and had to try to remember what she said (and when). Cecilia, so far, has clearer pronunciations, so not quite as funny... she is also talking *more* than Caroline was at this age (and those of you who knew Caroline around 18 months of age may think that's impossible as she was quite the chatterbox from early on!). Cecilia didn't say anything until she was over 13 months old, though, oddly enough... not even "Mama." So I never would have guessed what a vocabulary she'd develop over the next four to five months. It's mind-blowing how they learn things so quickly when they are little!

So, this post is for archival purposes for me... it really may be very boring for other people, so feel free to skip it, ha ha!

Words Cecilia says (these are words she actually knows and will say unpromted while pointing to things, not words she can repeat when asked... she tries to repeat almost any word we say, when she is in the mood... she is a little spitfire and if she is not in the mood to do something - she won't!):
eye: "eye"
poke: "boke" (these two follow each other frequently as she pokes her own eye!)
eat: "eat"
lunch: "utch"
cat: "dat"
dog: "gog"
Gabby (my parents' cat): "Dabby"
Mason or Macy (other cat): "Mehsee"
Gramma: "muhmuh"
Grampa: "Bahbuh" (stress put quite emphatically on the first syllable)
Caroline: "Buhluhluhluhluhluh" (she's basically rolling her Ls repeatedly - not sure how to really spell it!)
Gran: "Dah"
Grandad: "Dadad"
Mommy's: "Mommy's"
Daddy's: "Daddy's" (she also just says Mommy or Daddy if she is greeting us, but she will point to things that belong to us and use the possessive form... how weird is that?!?)
Tim (my brother): "Dim" (used to be "Tttt" - the "d" sound is almost a "t" sound but not quite when she puts it at the front of a word)
Mike (my brother): "Mahk" (used to be "guck")
Mike Revak (our seminarian): "Guck Guck" (that one cracks me up!)
Father Jim (our preist who just retired): "Dim"
Father Paul: "Bahw"
Father Ketter: "Gehguh" (which she says when she points to the dowel rod priest)
Pope (her first real word along with Daddy and a few animal sounds): "Bope" or "Pope" - it is interesting how similar P and B sound t the beginning of the words she says
Nuht-nuh: "Night-night"
Sleep/sheep: "eep"
Ruff (what a dog says): "uff" or "ahff"
Meow: "mow" (rhyming with "wow")
Mouth: "mouf"
Button: muh-muh
Horsie: "ohsee"
Rocking: "ockee"
No: "Nooo!"
Mine: "mines!" (yes, she speaks ebonics)
Naked: "nooney" (because I say it this way - one of us Nadolski children said this as a toddler)
Bottom: "bobbum" (same as above!)
Poop: "boop"
Gas: "gas" (which she insists urgently if I say I am going to change her poopy diaper!)
Peepee: "beebee"(got the important things covered there, huh?)
Baby: "beebee" - but it sounds differently than the previous word. In peepee, it almost sounds like a P sound
Water: ahhdah"
Blueberry: "bwoo"
Strawberry: "behwee"
Popcicle (frozen yogurt pps): "guckle"
Motorcycle : also "guckle"
Egg: "egg"
Cheese: "deese"
Noodle: "noonuh"
Cup: "bup"
Car: "dah"
Truck: "guck"
Scooter: "goot-goot" (scoot-scoot)
Come: "come" (which she shouts at the open door as she waits for Daddy to go by in his car or on his scooter... Caroline taught her this by calling, "Come on, Daddy! Daddy is coming!")
Pants: "bants"
Computer: "booduh"
Priest: "beest"
Mary: "mahwee"
Bow/hair band/hair clip: "bow"
Lawnmower: "moe-moe" (golf carts are also moe-moes)
Pool: "buhw" (almost a P sound again)
Splash: "bass" (almost a P sound again)
Bee: "Beeeee! Beeeeee!" (all bugs are "beeee!" until I tell her "it's just a bug," and then she says, "buh")
Swing: "ing"
Candle: "dahdoo"
Draw: "daw!" (all crayons,pens, markers, etc. are "daws" as well)
Chalk: "awk"
Toes: "does" or "peegees" (piggies)
Thank you: "neh-nuh"
Please: "beese" (almost that P sound again)
Fishies: "eeshies" (Goldfish crackers)
Snack: "nack"
Fork: "gock"
Ice: "ahhs" (better than what it used to be, which was a cuss word!)
Jesus: "Deezis"
Playground: "bwahbwuh"
Bird: "boohd"
Bouncy: "bousee"
Mouse: "mouse"
Duck: "guck"
Quack: "cack"
Ding-dong: "dah-nah" (another baby Nadolski-ism)
Pray: "pway"
Church: "dootse"
Read: "eeed"
Potty: "pot-pot" - that B/P sound again! (a Daddyism)
Down: "dow"
Bugbite: "buhbite"
Dot: "dot"
Pizza: "patsa"
Cecilia: "Cici," of course! (she can be really particular about not wanting to say this one!)

Whew, I think I am going to stop there!

First phrase:
Change diaper: "dandge dieboo"
She also said "Beeguh!" (big girl) the other day when she was sitting in a big chair.

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SAHMinIL said...

When my DD was around 2-3 (I think till she was almost for) she would say bike instead of bite. She would be at times shouting at me bike mommmy; want a bike. It took us a few times to realize that she meant bite! We would tell her no you can't have a bike and she would reply I hungry.