Saturday, November 22, 2008

What a good mommy she'll be...

Caroline's bear became baby Jesus yesterday. She wrapped it close to her in a blue playsilk and said she was Mary with her baby Jesus. She was quite serene as she carried the 'baby' around the house - swaying with him and nursing him. She asked me to make a pouch with the playsilk so the baby wouldn't fall out.

And here she tucks in Ensa with Piglet. This was two days ago. I think Piglet was Ensa's stuffed animal at this particular moment. Piglet used to be Caroline's favorite that she slept with every night... she called him "Me" back then. Now Ensa is the favorite that gets tucked in next to Caroline each night.

I love to watch how nurturing she is... stay sweet, my Caroline!!

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sar said...

i used to make blankets for all my stuffed animals so they wouldn't get cold at night. i don't think it's possible to lose the sensitive, nurturing tendency. it may not be visible in the teen years, but it'll always be there.