Thursday, November 06, 2008

We have to fight this!

The "Freedom of Choice Act" that Obama promised Planned Parenthood that he would sign as his first act as president has the potential to change our country. It is an attempt to make abortion completely unrestricted and unregulated - basically elevating a "woman's right to choose" to the level of the right to free speech. Any state regulations and laws will be superceded by FOCA. The ramifications, if this act is passed, could include:
*no parental notification when minor girls go for an abortion
*no limits on partial-birth or other late term abortions other than a vague line about "the health of the mother" (that is, as long as a doctor sees the woman's health as being at risk, which includes emotional health, a late term abortion could be done)
*loss of legal protection for doctors who refuse to participate in abortions

It looks really bad. This site can explain much more and better than I can:

Please visit and sign the petition, and consider writing to your representatives as well.

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Meghan said...

It is horrible that this is what our country voted for!