Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Thoughts on Heaven

Caroline seems to be a deep thinker for a three year old... lately, she's been exploring her feelings on Heaven. Apparently, she understands that it's where we go when we die and that Jesus and God are there. She has asked:
*if she can take her toys and stuffed animals to Heaven with her.
*if she can bring her bed, or if God will have one there for her.
*if I can go with her when she goes to Heaven, because she'll miss me.
*if her grandparents will go to Heaven soon (and they aren't even old as far as grandparents go - only in their early-mid 50's!).

Tough questions, huh? So far, I have told her that she'll have to ask God about bringing things with her once she gets there. God grant me the grace to be able to provide appropriate answers for her!

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