Monday, January 19, 2015

Soul Gardening Journal

I started getting this wonderful little magazine this past fall... it is written by Catholic mothers and is mailed out, in print, for free.  They exist solely on donations.  And I was so impressed with it after reading half of one issue that I sent a donation myself as past of our charitable giving at the end of December.  It seems to be speaking directly to me - giving me the comfort that there are others out there like me and that maybe I am not alone in my craziness, ha ha.  Homeschooling, chickens, photography... all covered in this one issue.  An excellent encouragement for mothers of young children!

Here is an example of one of the articles (see, they are short, on small pages, perfect for a busy mom with her hands full of toddlers and babies to read in short snatches here and there)... you'll have to click to see it large enough to read:

I need to update more here, maybe eventually get around to sharing the Christmas photos, reflections on miscarriage, and sharing some of the girls' artwork and other things we have been up to... eventually...

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