Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Catching Up: Saint Lucy's Feast Day!

Saint Lucy's Day, December 13th!  We made our traditional bread recipe shaped like the wreath crown of candles.  Props to the hubby, who made the dough and let it rise while I was swimming laps the evening before the feast day.  I shaped it and let it rise again before baking once I got back home!

The older girls in their Lucia crowns and "gowns" with red ribbon sashes... I actually planned to make our Lucy her own crown this year, but I couldn't find another styrofoam wreath form in that size!  Then I thought of a better idea to make one - and promptly forgot what that was.  Anyway.  I have battery-powered tealight candles, fake holly leaves, elastic for the chinstrap... and so one day, I will figure out how I was going to make it without the styrofoam ring!  Here is how I made these back in 2010.

This is the only group photo I could get with our little Lucy in it... if she doesn't want to look, she is not going to look!  But I got some other cute ones with just her:

Cecilia gets ready to help blow out the candles...

Arial shot of icing-snitching...

Breakfast is served!  No, we normally don't cram our dining table in our schoolroom for meals, but we were having a Little Flowers meeting this afternoon, so I had Chris help me move the table the evening before so it would be ready for our group!

St. Lucy, Pray for Us!

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