Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Fast Feast Day Celebrating... The Archangels and St. Jerome

As I think I mentioned before, I have been in a bit of a rut with remembering ahead of time to plan for some feast day activities and celebrations... for instance, the book St. Jerome and the Lion is still in transit since I was late in requesting it via inter-library loan.  My kids were hoping for devil's food cake cupcakes for the Feast of the Archangels (since St. Michael chased the devil from heaven)... as I am trying to continue losing weight, I didn't need those in the house!  So, I decided last minute to make some blackberry cobbler when I remembered some frozen blackberries I had been saving in the freezer.

(we actually ate it the day after the 29th - but hey, technically feasts falling on Sundays are not celebrated due to the bigger feast of Sunday itself... so you could say that we commemorated the feast the next day)

Legend says that the devil fell into a blackberry bush after his less-than-graceful exit from heaven - so, blackberries are cursed after the Feast of the Archangels.  Here is what I wonder... do blackberries tend to not grow well any more after September 29, and this was a story told to explain the reason for this?

The kids all enjoyed it - see Lucy's smile of approval?  All that was in it was blackberries, a drizzle of honey, almond flour, cinnamon, an egg, and a bit of coconut oil.  Easy, low on the sugar... and they still liked it, so I'd call it a success!

And even though we didn't have that book yet that I mentioned above... the kids have heard the story of St. Jerome and his friendly lion before, so to mark his feast day, they decorated their mini pizzas as lion faces:

These little pizzas were so easy - I didn't even make them out of pita bread like I typically do.  They came frozen from Sam's, and they were one of those traveling samples that tell you, "We are only here a few days, until we sell out!" to create urgency and, well... they tasted really good and were relatively healthy ingredient-wise, so I bought a few packs.  These are the spinach pesto feta cheese kinds, I think (although the cheese is not much to speak of - but adding their own for the lion manes worked better this way!).

See little Trouble-Trouble down there... she wants to be involved in everything now.  Fortunately, she was able to handle putting some toppings on her own pizza and didn't turn on the burners or grab a knife or anything like that in the process...

Here they are pre-baking

Even Lucy's looks like a lion face if you use your imagination... see it?

The ears and mouth were pieces of bacon... I had some cooked in the fridge that I saved, intending to crumble a couple strips for a recipe on Sunday...

This week is jam-packed with feast days... Lucy's baptism anniversary plus the Feast of the Guardian Angels is tomorrow, and St. Francis on Friday.  Today was St. Therese, and all we did was read about her... oh well.
Happy Fast Feasting - when we can remember and squeeze something in on the fly!

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