Monday, March 04, 2013

A Gallery of Preschool Drawings our own preschooler, Cecilia, who just turned five about a month ago.  You know how kids who love to draw will go through so much paper that it's practically spilling out of the windows of the house??  I try to take photos of some of it so we don't have to keep every single drawing.  I also recently decided to get them each a large drawing pad and that way, their drawings are contained.  and when they run out of paper, they have to wait a bit to get more rather than asking me for sheet after sheet of printer paper!

Most of these were drawn over the past few months, so from a bit before she turned five until the present.  I love looking at little kids' drawings - they are so interesting!  So, here's a little tour of her artwork:

Unicorn mother and baby.  I think she copied this from another picture - not traced, but copied just by sight. I love the angles of the mother's neck and the baby's legs!

St. Bernadette with Our Lady of Lourdes appearing to her.

A fairy reading a book on a toadstool house.

This is a pretty old one, from last fall most likely.  She was into coloring things in really detailed then; now she is very into line drawings.

Dancing ladies... love the angles of the arms.

Ballerinas... also one of the older drawings in this batch.

One of her first horse drawings... now she draws them constantly!

She drew this after we studied an Edgar Degas painting of a ballerina bending over to put on her shoes.

More dancers... another of her favorite subjects.  I love the dramatic movements as they leap forward.

Don't know the story on this one...

A hen - rather simple, but I had to include a chicken, or course!!

Bride and groom dancing.

This one cracks me up... a lady being courted by a manatee, or a beluga whale??  Hee hee.  All I can think of is the episode of the Simpsons where the dolphins come out of the water and try to take over the town...

I think this is her with Caroline.

Three girls... she named two of them Rose and Wendy.

This one is a bit odd... she said it is a girl crying because her grandfather died.  I just thought the perspective on the person kneeling with her back to us was very interesting, complete with the bottoms of the shoes showing... for a five year old, she has an impressive sense of perspective.

Two girls side-saddle on a horse

A man swinging a girl around in the air... check out how his toe is pointed!  Attention to detail on the legs and feet is pretty common in her drawings.

Here's a colored St. Bernadette/Our Lady of Lourdes that she did right after the feast day in February.  She also did a whole series of saints but those photos are in another album somewhere... she did Sts. Agnes, Barbara, Lucy, and Appollonia, I think.

She drew this for Caroline just a couple days ago.

No idea what this one says...

A horse using its tail to pull a girl out of the water.  Love that it has five legs, lol.

Girls riding sidesaddle past a toadstool house with a cat.  I like seeing how she places objects in front of each other, and again, the angles of the horse's legs are really interesting.

Two fairies and a horse with an impressive tail!

A girl kneeling and hugging her horse's neck... again, detailed perspective and angles of the limbs - more accurate than one would expect of a preschooler.

She's also experimenting with side views more lately...

And back views... drawing the same subject from different views.

Last one... look at how the feet are shaped to simulate movement as they "walk" across the paper.

Her fine motor skills have been refined since she was really young - she never held a pencil in her fist but always gripped it correctly from around a year and a half when she first started to draw.  My mom, a preschool director, said, "That's not normal!"  I agreed... and now I see what it has led to.  Surprisingly, she begs me to print off coloring sheets for her!  She loves to both color and draw her own things.


Anonymous said...

Amazing! Loved looking at her drawings.


Amber said...

Those drawings are wonderful! She does have a great sense of perspective and her desire and ability to draw people in a variety of positions is impressive! The manatee one made me think of that VeggieTales song, "Barbara Manatee" (one of my favorites!)

Thanks for your comment on my blog - I added a note about Habemus Papam that you may or may not be aware of. There's a little bit of discussion of the abuse scandal in the Church, and while it is very general and well handled, it might be more than you want to discuss with your daughter at this point. Or not, of course, but I wanted to let you know it is there! I added some more details on my blog.

Erin said...

Thanks, Amber, I will make sure to pre-read it myself before giving it to her!!

johnston8 said...

All of mine have held the pencil correctly from the age of one or so but none of them have ever drawn the back of someone or maybe even the side. That is very intuitive and all the kids agree, her drawings are very good! The kids asked if they were Caroline's drawings when they saw them, very good work!

Kris said...

She's amazing Erin! I don't think I can draw that well as an adult!! It will be really interesting to see how her talent develops as she gets older.