Monday, January 21, 2013

Christmas Stockings!

Normally I wouldn't think stockings need a whole post devoted to them, but... Chris gave me a new digital camera for Christmas, and these are some of the first photos I took with it, and they are therefore in a different folder than the rest of the Christmas morning pictures!  So, here they are with their stocking loot...

Birds are a popular theme in our home... we studied them in depth last year and the girls are pretty interested in them; Caroline has requested a bird-themed party this year for her 8th birthday!  Each of the bigger girls found a bird wristlet and a bird water whistle in their stockings.  The water whistles really, truly sound like real birds!  

Caroline got some personalized cards to write notes to people.

She also got a set of 50 new colored pencils, as you can see!!  My kids go through colored pencils like crazy, and not just for school work!  They also each got a new set of watercolor paints, and lots of Trader Joe's candies, as you may see in the pile...

Lucy was able to dig into her own stocking with Daddy's help.

Here's Lucy's stash of goodies: a new straw sippy cup (I cannot find one that doesn't leak - any tips?  I only put water in them, but recently she *tries* to shake them so they will leak a lot!), a fruit puree pouch (a special treat; she thinks these things are so, so cool), a couple board books, and Nibbly Fingers, which I found at Target - and I will be buying more!  What a handy, non-junky, portable snack that I can keep in my purse!

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