Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Lucy Speaks

Lucy has begun saying several things since she has turned one... she is about 14 and a half months now, nearly 15 months really, so before she gets any older, here are some of the things she is currently saying, lest I forget to record them before she moves on to bigger and better words!

moon: booo
moo (what a cow says): booo
no: no (no no no... she often will repeat this one while shaking her head!)
more: muh (while making the sign with her hands)
Mama: mama
Daddy: Dada
Uh oh: ah oh
All gone/all done/I don't know: ah oh (said while holding her hands out and apart as in a questioning manner)
shoe: sue (started as just "sss" and now sounds almost like the actual word)
Cecilia: sss
blueberry: blblblb (said with much movement of the tongue!)
Pope: pup
poke: pup
poop: pup (seeing a trend here?)
cup: pup, although it almost sounds like "bup," which was Cecilia's early version of the word cup
ball: baw
please: she makes a little p/b sound while doing the sign
dog: uff uff (making a barking sound)
cat: dah
hot: aah
hat: ah
mouse: mow (rhymes with now)... this is also about how she sounds when imitating a cat, although then it is a bit higher pitched

She also runs around making all these little sounds that have s and th sounds in them... she is rarely quiet!

Some of the things she has been doing...
* Running away from me when I am trying to change her diaper/put on her shoes/etc... not always, just on occasion
* Climbing onto the fireplace and pulling the rocks out
* Pointing to her head and saying "poke" ("pup") when we read her family book to her and get to the Uncle Tim page... she also sometimes does this when she hears us say "uncle."
* Dancing and marching to music; asking for more when we turn it off or stop singing
* "Helping" me put on my shoes by handing me shoe after shoe (more like thrusting them into my lap enthusiastically!)
* Pushing the corn popper toy all over the house... she likes this toy far more than the other kids did
* Going into the big girls' room and being delighted to get her hands on their stuff!
* Saying "Ah oh!" as she looks at the book Jamberry
* Pulling all the books off the shelves
* Climbing on the small table by the window to look out the window (time to move the table!)
* Clearly indicating no by saying it and shaking her head if I misunderstand something; for instance, if I offer her a piece of bread when she is saying/signing "more" and she really wants some ice
* Pulling things out of my purse, especially my wallet, and pulling out every credit card, receipt, and dollar bill
* Hugging with both arms... she has been blowing kisses for many months now
* Following all kinds of simple directions: "Go play in the sunroom in the little kitchen," "Put your clothes in your hamper," "Go get your shopping cart/stroller," "Go get your shoes," "Let's go to the kitchen," etc.  She also shows she understands many words and phrases such as snacktime, mailbox, outside, night-night...
* She is very interested in phones, laptops, ipads... especially when they make noise!
* She loves to go outside
* She begs for snacks by going to the pantry cabinets and pointing and making her little noises
* She likes to look through books and have them read to her, but loses interest quickly... currently she loves Jamberry and Who is Coming to Our House?
* She has temper tantrums!  My older two didn't throw fits until they were well past 24 months, ha!

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