Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fountain Fun!!

A few weeks ago, Chris's sister Sara and her boys came to visit us for the day.  We went downtown to our fountains, and the cousins had a great time splashing around!!

I think we have the coolest fountains ever - seriously.  We are a small town, so this surprises me.  But go ahead, look through the (many, many) photos and try to tell me there are some awesomer fountains somewhere. ;-P  If there are though, I want to see pictures!

My nephew John 

Both nephews here, John and Andrew (not the kid about to dive into water only ten inches deep... I have more intelligent kids than that in my family)

Here's the huge fountain in the middle... the way it is set up, there are three "rivers," which are the shallow pool areas like the one pictured above.  The "rivers" begin where the water spills out of the columns, and then it flows down the shallow river area, and then after that there are rows of small fountains which lead to the center, where the three rows of small fountains meet in the huge center fountain.  It represents our town's three rivers and how two of them join to create the third.

The rivers also have the Cherokee Indian name on them, written using the Cherokee alphabet.

Lucy is sitting at the end of this "river" while John plays near the "source."

The three biggest kids in the large fountains in the center

Tall kids in this family... Andrew is only four, and Caroline is only seven, yet look at how tall they both are... Cecilia, to the left of the shot, is only a few months younger than Andrew.

You can see the third "river" behind Caroline - it was not turned on today for some reason...

Lucy looking down the drain at the end of the "river"

I moved Lucy over to the second "river" where there is a very shallow area over these rocks.  I had to keep her from climbing over the spillway and into the deeper water here.  You can see the first "river" where she was before in the background.  I'm getting tired of the quotation marks around "river," so maybe I'll leave them off starting now... you get the point, right?

John gets a shower from the Coosa River!

Lucy and John

And here's my best attempt at getting a group photo... four out of five looking at the camera, and the youngest one who is looking doesn't even know what a camera is, so I'd say that's pretty good!

See, better than this one!

After the fountains, we changed the kids into dry clothes in the cars and walked over to my favorite restaurant, at Sara's suggestion... mmm, yummy.  The kids were exceptionally patient waiting for our food, and the waitress commented that our kids were "so well-behaved" as we were leaving.  How nice of her to share that comment!

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