Friday, May 11, 2012

Look at me!

I learned to crawl at the La Leche League of Georgia conference this past weekend!

I love Athens!!! (shh, don't tell my Grampa; he's a Gator)

Now I can crawl to my toys... and past my toys to get what I really want, which is my big sisters' toys and anything made of paper.

Sometimes I use my back right foot to push myself along, and I always have it at the ready to pivot myself backward into sitting position (so I can eat the paper that I find).

No more pushing myself backward across the floor on my belly...

Now I can get stuff that doesn't belong to me!

Mommy's purse is particularly interesting...

Oh, and guess what else I can do now?

I pull up into standing position!  Only on the bathtub, though.  My sister Cecilia told me it's the easiest place to pull up on for the average-height baby, and she was right!  The fireplace might work too, if those padded things didn't fall off when I pulled on them!

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Tiny Actions said...

Welcome to toddlerhood! What fun!