Thursday, April 26, 2012

Random Stuff and a Few Firsts for Lucy

Old photos from the past month or so...

March 25 was the Feast of the Annunciation, when Mary said "yes" to God's will when the angel told her of God's plan... so we had this blueberry coffee cake for breakfast that day.  It was really yummy - not too sweet, and perfect with breakfast tea!  The blueberries were a little... um, frightening.  The coffee cake was a last minute impulsive thing, and the only blueberries in the freezer looked like they'd been thawed and then re-frozen and tasted slightly fermented... ew.  Nobody died, I guess because I only put a very small amount in the batter.

Lucy tries her first attempt at solid foods... just a spear of steamed asparagus.  Yeah, I'm pretty unconventional with first foods...

She's not really ready yet... she gets it in her mouth but then gags and it comes back up/out.  She might try a couple bites and then loses interest.  She's done the same with a chunk of banana.  And the other night, she gnawed a small hole in a slice of raw zucchini that she was trying to grab while I cooked.  She tried pear too, but seemed to enjoy sucking the sticky pear residue off her fingers more than actually trying to pick up the little chunks of pear and put them in her mouth.

Bathroom mirror shot - and some great hair!

Another first... Lucy's first time in the big bath!  She was excited to smack the water and splash herself in the face.  Doesn't care too much for the getting washed part, but doesn't have a fit about it or anything.  

Like all the babies do, she tried to grab the drain...


...and more splashing.  She might be the splashiest baby I've had.  She's certainly the wiggliest!

Here's our columbine that I bought (and thought I killed) last year.  It survived, and we have beautiful flowers this spring!  Now the leaves are getting shriveled and changing color, so not sure what's happening to it... it's a weird plant.

THESE ARE SO GOOD.  Truly.  They are called potato cheese scones and Martha Stewart claims they're Scottish.  I don't care that she probably made that up, because they are just soooooo very yummy.

The girls' cousin, Julianne, turned two in March, and we went to her party.  I put Lucy next to Chloe for some pictures.  Lucy again tried to grab and eat Chloe's head.  It should be fun seeing these two together at the beach this summer... I imagine they'll be crawling and maybe even starting to walk!

Cecilia in the inflatable that they had for the party... their neighborhood has a little playground (which my brother Mike jokes is the old McDonald's playground... it has a thing that looks like the old hamburglar climbing thing... all metal  We lamented the fact that there was no big Grimace cage thing.  If you don't remember McDonald's playgrounds of the 80s, then check this out for visuals.  And here's the climbing thing... it's actually "Officer Big Mac," not Hamburglar... ah, well, that shows you how infrequently my mom took us there as kids!

Here's the birthday girl!

All the female babies (including mine) at this party had the big flower head explosion things going on... although I must say, most were rather small compared to some of those monstrous headband bow things I've seen.

Here's Julianne opening presents

All five girl cousins together, first photo ever of all of them

Lucy says, "Eat more Chick-fil-A cows!"

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Lisa said...

Oh, Erin, Lucy is just precious! I cannot how big she has gotten-- sitting all by herself in the tub! Wow! :-)