Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Lucy 2 months

some assorted pictures of Lucy from mid-November on...
above, sitting in bouncy seat in kitchen

propped up on boppy pillow

so strong! and she doesn't do "tummy time" either, other than occasional times like this on the boppy pillow

Cecilia loving on her baby sister

and wiping off her drool. this is the droolingest baby I've ever had.

beautiful eyes... hands in motion...

first semi-attempts of batting at an object

Caroline handed Lucy a hairbrush, which she held for a couple minutes, so I replaced it with this softer baby toy who we call "Purple Keptin." She held it for awhile, bit she didn't seem to really notice that she had possession of it. She is not quite ready for baby toys, but she smiles like a loon at this stuffed turkey (or is it a peacock? I can't find an image of it online) for a few minutes at a time here and there.

Hoping to put up Thanksgiving photos at some point...


Lisa said...

Erin, she is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for posting pics of her! :-) May God continue to bless you all this Advent season and always,

Anonymous said...

Aw! Is that red hair?! Such a cutie, her eyes look like Carolines and her mouyh like Cecilia.