Wednesday, December 29, 2010

White Christmas!

We didn't have to dream of a White Christmas - it really happened! A bit after gifts and breakfast, the snow started coming down heavily at our house, and all across North Georgia! These shots were taken in the early afternoon as we pulled out on the way to my parents' house in Atlanta to continue our celebration - and hope to beat any potential ice on the roads! We live on top of a very steep hill, and it was wet but not icy when we left...

You can see how thick the flakes are in these shots!

Our next door neighbor's house and our front yard

Since the girls didn't have a chance to play in the snow before leaving home, what with me worrying that we'd get stuck on icy roads if we didn't go ahead and head out when we did, they were glad to see that Atlanta got almost as much snow as we did! It had started falling there not quite an hour before we left home. In the evening before dinner, Caroline and Cecilia got to play outside in it! Cecilia got new rain boots from Gramma and Grampa, which came in handy!

The snow was still there the next day, as I mentioned in the previous post:

Grampa pulled the girls down the hill on the plastic sled.. it still wasn't a good enough snow to ice the streets and make using the "real" sled a possibility.

Check out the awesome winter coat... I think he got this coat in the early 80's, maybe even the late 70's. The sleeves zip off, and there are sections of it that are "paneled" in corduroy... my youngest brother wore this coat, with the sleeves zipped off, when he dressed up as MacGuyver, ha ha!

Cecilia's turn!

I'm glad they got to play in the snow! There was even some left at home when we got back yesterday, and they went out and played in it today. Our front yard gets very little sunlight this time of year, so while the yards across the street have nothing left, ours still has snow, so they might get to play in it tomorrow, too! Our chickens don't care for the snow... today, we set 'Lorpie down in the middle of some snow, and she wouldn't move - not at all. Not even when the girls chased her. Not even when they twirled a ribbon baton next to her. Not even when they kicked a ball at her. She was totally baffled and couldn't even walk the six feet it would take to get to exposed grass. Poor thing, I finally had Caroline pick her up and drop her back on "dry land" again!

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