Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On the Feast of Christ the King

Christ the King is the last major feast day in the liturgical year, falling on the last Sunday before Advent. So we had a big dinner and made a crown cake!

The cake itself was an oat cake (using oat flour made by processing rolled oats in the food processor) baked in the cathedral pan again, and then I made a cream cheese honey frosting and used my food coloring for the first time in a baked good (we made edible finger paints with them so far, but nothing to actually eat).

It ended up being more yellow-looking than gold, but oh well. Then the girls added "jewels" (Sun Drops - I don't recommend them, by the way, as far as tasting good goes!).

There - it sort of resembles a crown, maybe a bit...

Happy Feast of Christ the King!!!

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