Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Rosary Boxes - Ideas??

So, some of you may remember back when I made the Stations of the Cross Box for Caroline. In the same place where I got this idea, I saw mentioned the idea of making Rosary Boxes as well, but no detailed suggestions on how to do so. What they would consist of is a box for each of the four sets of Mysteries of the Rosary (or maybe one big box to sort through; I haven't decided yet). There are five cards for each set of Mysteries, which I plan to laminate. I want to pair an object with each card, something meaningful to symbolize each Mystery.

Here is what i have come up with so far:

Joyful Mysteries:
1st Joyful Mystery - The Annunciation (angel figurine)
2nd Joyful Mystery - The Visitation (???)
3rd Joyful Mystery - The Nativity (small manger, toy barn animal, star?)
4th Joyful Mystery - The Presentation (two small bird figurines for the turtledoves)
5th Joyful Mystery - The Finding in the Temple (???)

Luminous Mysteries:
1st Luminous Mystery: Baptism of Jesus (small seashell)
2nd Luminous Mystery: Wedding at Cana (wine glass wedding favor)
3rd Luminous Mystery: Transfiguration (???)
4th Luminous Mystery: Proclamation of the Kingdom (???)
5th Luminous Mystery: Institution of the Eucharist (host made of white cardboard, maybe fake grapes?)

Sorrowful Mysteries:
1st Sorrowful Mystery: Agony in the Garden (fake flowers?)
2nd Sorrowful Mystery: Scourging at the Pillar (small whip-like item?)
3rd Sorrowful Mystery: Crowning with Thorns (thorny branch from a rose bush)
4th Sorrowful Mystery: Carrying of the Cross (cross made of craft sticks)
5th Sorrowful Mystery: Jesus Dies on the Cross (a nail, maybe?)

Glorious Mysteries:
1st Glorious Mystery: Resurrection (a stone - rolled away from the tomb?)
2nd Glorious Mystery: Ascension (cotton balls - for clouds?)
3rd Glorious Mystery: Descent of the Holy Spirit (dove figurine)
4th Glorious Mystery: Assumption of Mary (???)
5th Glorious Mystery: Coronation of Mary (a little crown)

I would love to hear any ideas anyone might have for the symbols to include! Some of them have me stumped! Any suggestions?


mel said... you have one of those little babies that the right to life groups distribute? We have one that is supposed to be a 16 week old fetus. That would be neat for the Visitation. Shoot...that's all I've got. lol...

Erin said...

Yes - that is an awesome idea!! We have one that is a baby at about 12 weeks... for some reason it is in with the bathtub toys right now, so I will have to sneak it out!

Tiny Actions said...

Caroline will enjoy these. Okay, I pulled mine out and realized I can't find the master key, so this is based on memory...

5th Joyful Mystery...teacher/priest vestment or stoll

Proclamation of the Kingdom--Bible or gospel. I made a small bible out of construction paper with bible written on it.

Transfiguration--make a tiny sun. I used one of those fuzzy pom-poms.

1st sorrowful mystery--praying hands.

1st glorious--small empty box.

4th glorious mystery--I can't remember what we did with this...sorry I'm totally drawing a blank.

Erin said...

Thanks, Sue! Those are great ideas! So have you made the Rosary boxes for your kids? I think you may have been the one who first gave me the link to the blog about the Stations box and these Rosary boxes a few years back!

Tiny Actions said...

Yes, we've used the stations, resurrection, and rosary cards in the past. This year I printed off a second set and am using them as 3 part cards. The kiddos like having a choice in what they can do with the cards.

Lacy @ Catholic Icing said...

This is really cool! Can't wait to see the completed results. Let me know if you post about it all finished. I'm currently working on a round up of rosary ideas for kids :-)