Saturday, August 08, 2009

At the Beach!

That's where I am right now - whoohoo! We arrived today after a very long drive with a toddler who was very miserable about being restrained in her carseat for so long... :( Speaking of, anyone hear of the latest American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation? They recommend that children remain rear-facing in their carseats until at least age two. Cecilia's still rear-facing and only weights a bit over 20 pounds (the bare minimum weight for turning a child forward-facing). I hope her moodiness is just a fluke and we will continue to keep her rear-facing. After all, she can see her sister in that position, so it makes sense that she'd be happier than Caroline was as a lone backseat-riding one year old. We turned her forward around 16 or so months of age since I decided my tenseness from her crying in the car might cause a wreck and endanger her more than if she was happier and forward-facing... All that said, I plan to leave CC backward as long as possible, and I hope she will get past this phase she's in right now!

Haven't had much blogging time with packing and traveling to my parents' house yesterday and then traveling to FL today. But here is a link I found recently:
Pretty good stuff overall. There was one line I didn't like, but everything else was right on.


Lisa said...

Hope you have a great time!!!

Charlotte said...

Safe travels.

mel said...

What?! Are you serious???
Oh man, we are always counting the days to turning ours around to face front as it is...but I have huge children, and by their first birthdays they are already squished up and all.