Saturday, April 25, 2009

So Busy...

...Cecilia, that is. We haven't really been too busy... maybe busy at home: lots of baking projects, lots of preparing for LLL of Georgia's upcoming parenting and breastfeeding conference, lots of outside time and gardening, lots of praying for Elizabeth (my new niece, born prematurely at 1 lb. 5 oz. and 12 inches long but doing remarkably well considering her small size - any prayers for the family are much appreciated!).

But Cecilia - she is busy, busy, busy. She is loving exploring the house - so much more than Caroline did at this age. She empties cabinets in the bathrooms. She carries toys and other items around the house. She hides her sippy cup in the Tupperware cabinet. We find diapers in the bathtub (clean diapers, don't worry!) and toys in the laundry baskets. Today, she was up on the hearth playing in the gravel under the gas logs in the fireplace. She carries containers around the house and tries to put objects inside them.

She got into the pantry the other day and found the box of raisins. She took the package out of the box and replaced it with one of Caroline's cats (proudly proclaiming, "Gat!!! Gat!!!" as she carried the forbidden treasure around the house). Then she removed the sticker label that is used to seal the raisin package... and where do stickers belong? Worn on shirts, of course - so she carefully adhered it to her shirt.

We took the two busy girls to the park for dinner on Thursday. They played and ate, and played some more. Cecilia was too busy to eat much at all. She had fun wandering out into the volleyball court. I showed her how to use a stick to make lines in the sand, and she spent the next ten minutes wandering around the sand, poking the stick into the sand in various spots.

You can see that she got a "real" sticker on her shirt later in the day... the lady at the door at Sam's gave her this one. She certainly howled in disappointment when I took off her raisin sticker and put it back on the raisin package!

She likes the park swings better than our swing at home (of course). She wanted to stay in it a long time... maybe because she could slouch forward in this one? Or maybe because she was tired from her restless, short nap that she had on this day!

One of the moments of stillness in the busy life of this toddler...

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mel said...

Oh, she's so big. :) Don't you just love toddlers? So much fun! Tess is just getting to that stage.