Sunday, December 07, 2008

Big Girl!

I was tucking Caroline in for a nap on Friday (some days she still naps, and she insisted this day that she needed one - and she slept for two and a half hours!!). When I came back out of her room, this is what sight greeted me.

That is Caroline's cup. We tried to make a switch from a sippy-type cup with a straw (as seen in these photos) t a regular water bottle, but she really hasn't been drinking the same amount of water since we switched. We decided to try the "straw cups" again, and lo and behold, she's suddenly drinking much more water each day.

Cecilia just looked like she was concentrating so hard on drinking from Big Sister's cup. She was quite successful at it, too! Not that she needs to drink from a cup yet... but now we know that she does know how. We had given her the sippy cup with a spout occasionally at dinner (more to keep her entertained than anything else), but a baby has to tilt it back and suck to get the water, which she couldn't figure out. I am hesitant to give her the straw cups frequently though, because the straw is a silicone type material that she will probably gnaw holes in and bite chunks from (which is one reason why we stopped giving them to Caroline... at age three, she was *still* chewing on the staws and ruining them!).

Such concentration... and one foot is stuck in the leg of her outfit while the other leg is pushed way up, showing off her Babylegs that I bought her for Christmas but have been putting on her anyway since she won't know the difference... and can you believe that outfit is labeled as a size 3-6 months? Ha ha... it fits like size 12 months!


sara said...

huh, that's funny... andrew has yet to gnaw his straw apart, and he's a pretty "chewy" guy. those tilt-and-suck sippies were not a hit at our house either.

Bridgette said...

Erin, I'm almost 30 and still chew on my straws. I've never chewed them off but even opn sippy cups I chewed on the sippy part. My mum has sipper seals from Tupperware and she used to have to replace the lids regularly when I was a kid cause I'd gnaw them shut. James loves that I inadvertently chew on my straws -- it's the only way we can tell to-go cups apart -- mine is the one with the gnawed on straw!

Erin said...

Ha - I remember gnawed Tupperware sippy lids! We had several of those, but we never replaced them - we just had to deal with using rough, chewed lids. Those things were workhorses - maybe I should get some of those! These silicone straws can actually have chunks bitten off them pretty easily.