Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cecilia's Baptism

Cecilia was baptized today! We had to wait until Lent was over since our parish does not perform baptisms during that time, and Cecilia was only about a week old when Lent began... not really enough time to get her baptized then. So, we had her baptized at the first opportunity after Lent, which was March 30. Deacon Stu performed the baptism on sleeping Cecilia, while both sets of grandparents and all the uncles and aunt watched. Uncle Tim is the godfather - you can see him standing with us in this photo.

Cecilia didn't mind the water at all!

Here is our whole family after Mass with the newest member of the family of Christ!

Cecilia poses (as much as a two month old can pose) with Uncle Tim.

After the Mass, we headed back to our house for the baptism party! We had help from the grandparents in getting the food together. We had fruit salad, a raw veggie platter with dip, Chick-fil-A chicken salad on croissants, shrimp and grits, and a cake, of course! My mother in law made the veggie and fruit dishes, and my mom made the shrimp and grits (her idea!) and got the cake from Costco. Costco has *amazing* cakes!!

Caroline and I set up the table for the party the day before. We put out the white tablecloth on the table where we'd serve the food buffet-style. Then we made some tissue paper flowers together, also white. The use of white symbolizes purity - thus, white table, flowers, cake, gown... I thought it would be nice to put out both girls' baptismal candles... Caroline's is the one on the right, and we brought Cecilia's home from church and put it in the candle holder on the left. I also hung Cecilia's little cross (which isn't on a bedroom wall since she doesn't have a bedroom yet) on the vase - if you look closely in this photo you can see it. Uncle Tim got it for Cecilia from Mount Saint Mary's in Baltimore and had it blessed by a priest.

Caroline also colored this picture of a baptism and loaned us her pink cross from her bedroom. It added nicely to the decor for the occasion.

We had a wonderful Sunday welcoming Cecilia into the Catholic faith. It was wonderful to be able to celebrate with all our family. Welcome to the Church, Cecilia Clare! I pray that I will have the wisdom to share our beautiful faith with you as you grow.

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