Saturday, September 02, 2006

Labor Day Cookout

We had a backyard cookout for Labor Day weekend and invited several families with babies around Caroline's age. In this picture, she's splashing in the pool with her buddy Alex, who lives right down the street from us. He's just 2 weeks younger than her. She also had her friends Matthew and Alexandra over as well - they were all so active that we never got a shot of all four of them together! We had the sprinkler going as well, and Caroline's swing was another main attraction.
The adults just got to hang out and watch/help the babies play while eating burgers and hot dogs and yummy side dishes brought by everyone. Caroline's Aunt Sara and Uncle john came, whi she hadn't seen in awhile - but she warmed right up to them! She really is becoming so much more outgoing in the past couple months.
The fun lasted from 3:00 in the afternoon until after 7:00 when everybody decided that the babies were getting cranky! It's so much fun to watch them all together at this age!

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