Monday, February 20, 2006

About to Walk...

Caroline is getting ready to walk. She's been able to stand on her own (not stand up from a seated position, but pull to a stand and then let go) for a couple months now. But lately she's actually remained standing for more than just a few seconds, and so I was able to get this photo of her standing the other day. Before, she would sit down so quickly that I never had the chance to snap a shot!
A week ago, Caroline took two steps and then grabbed onto my leg while we were at a La Leche League meeting. I was so excited! Since then, she's taken a few more steps here and there. Over the weekend, Chris and I were encouraging her strongly, and she took FIVE STEPS IN A ROW! And then she fell backwards, startled by my maniac-sounding laughter and other delighted sounds. We got a few steps on video.
So our little crawler will soon be a walker! I am now watching EBay for soft-soled shoes! Posted by Picasa

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