Friday, January 27, 2006

Little Explorer

Caroline is getting so confident in her explorations! She can now climb down the step from the den into the sunroom without any hesitation or assistance. She will play alone for as long as an hour, checking in with me from time to time, but then continuing with her adventures. She enjoys opening the cabinets where her toys are stored, and ususallu she ends up in the cabinet herself! You can tell she's had an active day by the number of toys scattered beyond the cabinets and across the den.
She's getting so self-confident, she will even crawl all the way down the hall and into her room all by herself. I will go after her, where I will almost always find her pulling books off her bookshelf. She'll also go into the bathroom on her own if we've forgotten to close the door! Basically, anywhere with cabinets she can open is interesting to her. Caroline is definitely on the move!

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