Friday, December 30, 2005

Caroline's First Christmas

We were in Tennessee for Caroline's first Christmas. We drove up to Chris's parents' house on the 23rd. On Christmas Eve, we went to Mass at St. Joseph's church, and then we went to Caroline's great-Granny's for snacks and gifts. All Chris's relatives got to ooh and aah over Caroline and how big she had gotten. She enjoyed roaming the room while we ate and chatted.
On Christmas morning, we opened gifts with Caroline's Gran and Grandad, along with Aunt Sara and Uncle John. Two of Caroline's favorite gifts were the 2-in-1 Activity Wagon and the Learning Walker car. Of course, she seemed to prefer the wrapping paper over anything!
That afternoon, Caroline's great-Papa came over with Margaret, along with Daddy's aunt and uncle. We had more presents and a meal together. Caroline was really racking up on the gifts at this point!
A few days later, we went to Atlanta to see my family. Grandma and Grandpa had gotten Caroline presents too, of course... and so did my brothers, her three uncles. So we enjoyed opening more gifts for Caroline and giving some to my family as well. Caroline got some pretty spring outfits from Grandma and Grandpa - and I got a Kitchenaid mixer!!!
The next day my uncle and aunt and my aunt's sister's family came over for dinner. Caroline got to entertain yet another group of relatives. We also showed off her new portraits, which were made that morning at The Picture People in the mall.
It was a busy time, but Caroline seemed to enjoy the new sights and people, and now we won't need to buy her any toys for about two years!

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