Wednesday, July 20, 2005

My Little Nursling

Nursing my baby has been one of the most fulfilling things I've done in my life. Knowing that I am her sole provider of nourishment along with comfort, security, and love gives me a peaceful sense of well-being. All can be made right in Caroline's world through this simple act. Injuries are healed, hunger is satisfied, exhaustion is traded for blissful sleep.
Granted, we had a rough start in our nursing relationship. Caroline had a shallow latch (still does, really) and caused me some pain, resulting in the use of a nipple shield. We went through a period of suspecting food allergies, so I cut evereything (and I mean everything) out of my diet to try to eliminate the problem. But I'd do it all agin for her. All the sacrifice is worth it for you, sweet daughter, my baby who is constantly at my side. I gladly nurse you day and night, because I know these days will not last forever. one day you will no longer nurse, at some point you will not want to cuddle next to me at night, and eventually you will be off on your own... so I'll cherish the baby days with my little gil attached to me.

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