Monday, June 23, 2008

New Testament Basics with Caroline

Caroline, Cecilia, and I were visiting my parents recently because my grandparents were in town. At dinner, my mom (the proud grandma) wanted to show off some of Caroline's intelligence. Caroline was talking about Good Friday and Easter, so my mom asked her about it. Caroline was talking about Jesus "praying and crying in the garden." My mom asked her who else was there with Jesus, and Caroline said, "Mary Magdalene." Of course, my grandparents were impressed that she could actually pronounce "Magdalene" correctly.

Then Caroline said, "And Peter was there, too... but not Peter Rabbit."

Friday, June 20, 2008

My Hippie Children

Both of these shirts were made for Caroline by people at WinShape Camps. Cecilia now fits in the small one!

Monday, June 16, 2008

An important meeting

Not sure what the cows had to say, but it looks like it was quite important. Look at how attentive the Beanie Babies are. Caroline claims they were having a picnic, but she's not fooling me. The cows are clearly in charge - the authority figures. Perhaps in an effort to regain popularity, the Beanies will be joining forces with Chick-fil-A in their "Eat mor chikin" ad campaign. I'll be keeping my eyes on these characters! Stay tuned for further developments.
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This is Caroline's "best baby doll," her favorite toy for about a year now. Her name is Ensa, which Caroline told us is short for enchilada sauce. More recently, she's told us that Ensa's full name is Ensa Encha Ladasuce. Ensa used to take turns with Piglet, Pooh Bear, Purple Maymay, and other stuffed animals as Caroline's companion, but now she is always chosen first before all other animals and dolls. She rides in the van with Caroline every time we go somewhere, and she sleeps with her at every nap and at night. Caroline sets Ensa up with her own dishes before dinner most nights, she carries her in her doll sling, she nurses her when she's hungry or sad, she checks her up with her doctor kit, and she bucles her safely into her carseat before she "drives" anywhere. Ensa's sisters vary from Gianna (Bath Baby) and Busy Baby to Heart Cat and Amber Maymay, and her age varies from "a baby" to age three. Any time Ensa has to be left alone, she "cries silently." In fact, she's been silent for a while now... she used to make noise when she was squeezed. Her batteries began to die, and she made increasingly disturbing sounds. Under her clothing, there is no way to get to the batteries besides cutting the cloth open and then sewing it back up. I only did that once. Caroline doesn't seem to mind the fact that Ensa no longer laughs or cries when squeezed. She loves her unconditionally, the way all mothers love their babies.
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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Kissin' Cousins

We went to Huntsville over the weekend for my nephew's baptism. We had a great time hanging out with family. We got to go swimming while we were there, too! After the baptism, we had lunch, and then Caroline posed with Andrew for some pictures. Surprisingly, she didn't mind being licked!

Congratulations on your baptism, Andrew! You are a child of God!
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