Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wild Animal Safari

I had been hearing about it for years... the Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, Georgia. My brother, Tim, had gone, and Caroline's friend, Matthew, had gone recently. We happened to be taking a trip to the area, so we decided to do it. Basically, it is a wild animal preserve that you drive through. The animals are completely free to wander right up to your car... and they will, because they expect food! We hadn't bought any food for them, but they approached our van nonetheless. Above is Caroline with a llama. We let her out of her carseat as we drove along at 3 mph so she could get a good view of the animals and pet the ones who stuck their noses in the window!
The bigger and more dangerous animals were in enclosures along the way. The giraffes, for instance, probably could have done a lot of damage to our car! One of them reached his head down into our window, though! There were camels, rhinos, and lions in cages along the route as well.

These elk/moose-like animals were everywhere!

This serval was in the Walk-About section, which was a bunch of cages with animals in them. There were lemurs, monkeys, grey wolves, wild pigs, ligers (a cross between a lion and a tiger - yes, thet really do exist!), alligators...

...and bears!

These kangaroos were also in the Walk-About.

The Wild Animal Safari was quite an adventure! We really had a fun time, and our van was left with animal slobber streaks all over the windows - ick! We had the option of renting one of the Safari's vehicles, but we decided to take the risk of taking our own van through. It was a very interesting place!