Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Caroline's First Birthday

Caroline turned one on March 21st, but we celebrated with family on March 19th. I made Caroline her own special applesauce cake for her to destroy. It was made from two little 4 inch cake pans. She only tasted a couple bites, and she smushed the rest of it and dropped it on the floor!

Caroline had lots of guests for her special day. Gramma and Grampa came from Atlanta and brought Uncle Mike and Uncle Stephen with them. Uncle Stephen brought Dutch, Caroline's favorite dog! Uncle Tim had a play, so he couldn't come. Gran and Grandad came the day before from Nashville, and then Gran stayed with us a few more days to visit more with her favorite grandbaby! Aunt Sara and Uncle John wanted to come, but Aunt Sara was sick :(

Caroline enjoyed all the attention and excitement. She happily roamed the den as we ate, going up to her guests and showing off her new skills - she is walking quite well now, and she's fast! She especially liked hanging around Uncle Stephen - maybe because he brought the dog! Caroline also had lots of fun opening her presents. She got the Fridge Farm magnets from Mommy and Daddy, a wooden farm puzzle and The Very Hungry Caterpillar book from Gran and Grandad, and two outfits and college fund money from Gramma and Grampa. What a lucky girl!

She's growing up so fast... one year old already!!!

Saturday, March 04, 2006


She's walking! Caroline took her first unassisted step in mid-February, just before she was 11 months old. By the time she was 11 months, she was taking a few steps at a time when we encouraged her... maybe up to five steps before falling down.
About a week later, Caroline could take several steps at a time - around ten or so - when we encouraged her. And now she will take steps unprompted.... for example, if she's pulled herself to a stand by the couch, she might take a few steps from there to the coffee table all on her own, without us prompting her. Occassionally she will walk partway across the room, just because she was standing when she decided that she wanted to go somewhere. So, she is still using crawling as her primary means of transportation because it is still faster for her, but she clearly enjoys walking and is pretty pleased with herself about doing it!